Amateur Radio Lovers

Ham Radio Frequencies There are verity of Frequencies for Ham Radio Communication. Non-hams can hear what is being transmitted via their own receivers or scanners, but cannot participate in the action without a transmitter or a license. The ham operator can only use certain radio frequencies to transmit from these frequencies are allocated by the […]

Amateur Radios For new and aspiring Ham radio operators, knowing what physical radio to buy can be a little confusing. There are many different types of radios like 2 meter hand held units, two way radios, and 10 meter radios. Let’s explore what a 10 meter radio is and its capability. 10 meter radios are […]

Shortwave CB Radio Others enjoy building and testing radios in their own homes. Some enjoy listening. They enjoy using their radio sets to tune into radio hams, aircraft, shipping, satellites, and even spacecraft – they’re known as Short Wave Listeners. Many radio amateurs become folks their local Amateur Radio Society, which is another splendid way […]

Cb Radio in Survival Plans   CB stands for Citizens Band radio, which is a certain range of frequencies that may be used by anyone with the means. There are all kinds of different brands, styles and prices of these unique mobile CB radios, and each model may have certain features another may not. Back […]

┬áCb Radio Usage The following steps may help solve or diagnose problems with your base, mobile, or handheld Citizen’s Band FM radio. Keeping mind that this troubleshooting guide is suited for all epidermis CB radios, as well as both experts and beginners, theme steps may possibly apply to you. The biggest difference inside the two […]

10 Meter Amateur Radio Station You managed to make it through trucking school, now you need a CB radio station? OK, first off we need achieve some research on CB Radios. Begin looking a 10 meter remote? Or do you want a standard 11 meter CB Radio? Well it is going to really need to […]

Choose Best Ham Radio When you’re hitting America’s highways, life can acquire a little alone. There are some resources you’ll in order to be take with you- whatever the your cause for travel- for anybody who is going to be able to traveling far and in length. Most locations of weigh stations are relatively accurate, […]

How To Buy Cb Radio This is my report on using “Bondo Body Filler” to fix holes in a camper, collectively with a F250 18 wheeler. I did not have the proper tools to create beautiful undertaking. But it worked out well enough for anyone. My ex-husband and his attorney laughed openly on court record […]

┬áTraditional Cb Radio Station Demand for starting a radio station is still very high. Over 30,000 applications are submitted every year by people all over the U.S. And the demand doesn’t show any sign of slowing.If you are ready to start a station, the first order of business is to decide where you want to […]